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Hi, its Kyle Leon here

Let me start off by thanking you for dropping by and congratulating you because you've made a wonderful and self-improving decision by doing so.

This has nothing to do with pills, powders or potions, silly exercise gizmos, fad diets or any other crap the multi-billion dollar diet industry has been hocking at you for years.

The diet industry's empty, irresponsible promises and band aid fixes have left you tired, frustrated, and fed up. I get that.

So don't worry, this will be a much needed breath of fresh air for you but a little heads up, this page might be a defibrillator like jolt to your system.

The surprising nutrition truths I'll be sharing will empower you with new fat-burning knowledge that can change your life.

My goal is to help take your fat loss to a level you never imagined your genetics would allow but make sure you read every word of this page now because the diet industry would love to see this come down.

Our Founder

Along with transforming his own physique, Kyle has taken it upon himself to become a nutrition specialist, personal trainer and fitness model; Kyle is an international best selling fitness author and creator of the breakthrough nutritional systems, Customized Fat Loss and The Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer.

Kyle Leone
Kyle also serves on the fitness advisory board for BioTrust Nutrition, and is the senior product development consultant and spokesperson for Blue Star Nutraceuticals.

Over the past few years, Kyle has specialized in helping tens of thousands of men and women customize their nutrition to experience rapid results in both lean muscle growth and fat loss.

These simple tricks I'm going to show you have changed my life and my client's lives forever and I'm confident they'll change your life as well because they work across the board.

Now you might be thinking Kyle you don't know what its like to have my genetics and you don't know what its like to be fighting this embarrassing belly fat battle.

Fair enough. I can see why you might think that.

I can't tell you I was ever obese and then stumbled onto a fat loss miracle like everyone selling a fat loss product claims.

Well I guess I could if I wanted to, but I won't because its not true and you deserve the truth.

This is totally different.

I've been using these simple tricks for years to turbocharge my metabolism to quickly disintegrate 10-15 pounds of belly fat for fitness work and then I started sharing them with my clients.

The truth is it wasn't until I started seeing fat melt off of my clients like butter that I realized I needed to be sharing these metabolism-boosting tricks with as many people as they could help.

Take Dave Teboekhorst for example

Dave was always embarrassed about his chest and belly fat until he lost 71 pounds of fat in just under 4 months and replaced it with lean muscle by applying the simple nutrition tricks you're about to learn.

Or Jackie Cooper

Whose depression and poor self-image are long gone along with 41 pounds of poisonous fat that was toxic to her

I'm going to introduce you to the exact secrets that have set Dave, Jackie and countless others like them free of their body fat burden's and have given them the lean sexy bodies they have today.


Whose love for good food and a night out on the town has ultimately lead to a physique he wasn't happy with. Getting back on track doesn't have to be a life long struggle.

With the techniques in the program you learn how to fit healthy living into any lifestyle.


After years of battling with those pesky extra pounds nothing was able to keep her motivated the way Customized Fat Loss has.

Between actually seeing results and feeling completely satisfied there is no better solution.


Whose love for staying home and sitting on the couch finally got the better of him.

If you are tired of doing the same thing day in and day out, and are looking for the answer to your flabby belly and low energy, look no further than the natural techniques within the Customized Fat Loss system.


The way she looks today is the result of only one thing. A plan of action. The Customized Fat loss Program gave her the simple and easy techniques for losing weight and keeping it off.

She feels and looks like she is a teenager again. Don't you want to also?

Here's Secret number 1:

Eat for Your Age

Have you ever wondered how some celebrities seem to get leaner and leaner and look better and better as they get older?

Well let me first tell you what they're not doing. They're not doing some generic diet out of a book, magazine or online report and they're definitely not relying on some miracle pill the diet industry is paying them to endorse.

New research shows there are metabolic changes that happen to your body when you get to 18-20 years of age that alters the way your body uses certain foods.

Depending on your genetics, these metabolic changes can make you gain weight even if you're eating the same foods in the same amounts as you've always been eating- Or worse-even less then you've always been eating.

Maybe you've experienced this yourself after high school or college or maybe you've noticed it when you ran into a friend you haven't seen in a few years.

Maybe you didn't realize it until you looked at photos of yourself just a few years back and saw a thinner, younger, more attractive version of yourself than what you see in the mirror today.

Obviously this bothersome weight-gain is totally not your fault because until now you've had no choice but to write it off to your genetics or your "metabolism slowing down."

Imagine if certain foods could rejuvenate and reprogram your metabolism to overcome your genetics and ensure you get leaner as you age.

Well, the best celebrity nutritionists overcome genetics and create fat melting metabolism's that have stars turning heads for decades.

I refer to this trick as age-defying nutrition.

Now this is where it gets good:

A younger body is more likely to use carbohydrates as a powerful fat loss and lean muscle-building weapon as a younger body often utilizes them very effectively.

As you age your body's ability to utilize carbohydrates lessens and the more likely they will be stored as fat unless they're consumed at specific times and with specific foods.

New research also shows a younger body needs less calories from protein because a younger body is more sensitive to protein's fat-loss and lean muscle building benefits.

For an easy way to eat yourself leaner and younger at any age while taking years off your looks follow this 1 simple flat stomach rule:

Starting at age 18-20, gradually reduce the amount of carbohydrates you eat but raise the amount of your protein and healthy fat you eat to take the place of those calories.

Doing this can help create a younger, faster fat-burning metabolism without "dieting" while keeping you more satisfied and less hungry.

Secret number 2:

Ditch Generic Plans and Eat for Your Body Type

Recently science has revealed amazing information about how different body types respond differently to various foods.

There are 3 general body types that you may have heard of. They are ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. What you probably haven't heard of yet are all of the other body types that science has recently identified and how they all respond to foods differently.

This is so important.

Understanding what your true body type is, not your general body type and how it responds to certain foods is absolutely crucial to know what, when and how much to eat in order to burn fat.

This is why even the very best diet books out there work for just some people and not others.

I mean it makes sense right? Think about it, should this person really have the exact same nutrition plan as this person? Or should this person really be eating like this person?

We are all different, and we all have different nutritional needs to maximize our fat loss.

Here are a few big reasons why generic plans
always fail you and your expectations

1.     They are not truly customized for you

They my pretend to be, but they don't adjust the nutrition for your age, weight ,height, metabolism, or your body type.

For example, anytime you see a rounded off 2000 calorie meal plan you know you're not getting anything personalized for you, your body type or your goal.

2.    They use outdated science.

Take carbohydrates for example. Carbohydrates react remarkably different in all of the various body types. I'm sure you've heard sources say Carbs are evil and other sources say carbs are good. Well, what matters is what's good for you. For certain body types certain carbohydrates can help accelerate your fat burning results when used properly, and for other body types they can kill your fat loss.

Carbohydrates provide us with energy, but they also promote the release of the hormone insulin. Certain body types release more of the potential fat storing hormone insulin than others in response to carbohydrates.

Certain body types have more fat cells than others, and certain body types are more likely to store fat when insulin is released than others.

Another example is certain body types cannot burn calories from certain foods efficiently because of a blunted heat response these body types have to those foods.

Obviously that's not good because burning calories is a big part of losing fat.

3.    They sacrifice valuable metabolism boosting muscle.

Generic plans slow down your metabolism because your lean muscle mass is sacrificed.

Maintaining our lean muscle is so important because the more lean muscle we carry the more calories we burn. It's as simple as that. More lean muscle equals more fat burned.

Many people lose "weight" following generic plans, but they end up looking the exact same, with the exact same body fat percentage, but a smaller version of themselves, as you see here.

That's not you want right?

To sum it up..

Ditch Generic Plans and Eat for Your Body Type

Generic approaches are like playing the lottery when it comes to your fat loss results. When following a generic plan, you're really just guessing and hoping your taking in the right food, in the right amount at the right time for your body type to optimally burn fat without sacrificing lean muscle.

I mean what do you really think the odds are that is happening. That you're just guessing right all day? The odds are not good. Plain and simple generic approaches leave you spinning your wheels and looking the same week after week like most people do.

This is why there is not a professional bodybuilder, fitness model or celebrity in the world that accomplished a remarkable transformation blindly following a generic plan. They always have a nutrition approach that is customized to them.

I'm sure you can see why these people invest huge amounts in cutting edge, personal nutrition coaches.

Imagine having your own celebrity nutritionist showing you exactly what foods to eat, in what amounts, and when every single day to skyrocket your metabolism and ensure life changing fat loss.

Imagine if you could have these exact advantages the celebrities have without having it dependent upon your fame or bank account.

Well, today you can.

Customized FAT LOSS

The first and only nutrition system designed to torch fat while creating a life-long fat burning metabolism that's taken years for high profile nutritionists to perfect.

This super-simple fat loss system is like having your own personal celebrity nutritionist holding your hand every meal.

Customized Fat Loss will show you:

  • What foods automatically awaken the fat-burning DNA lying dormant inside of you
  • How to quickly create a younger, faster metabolism that defies your genetics by seeing what foods, in what amounts and at what times are perfect for you
  • A trick to catapult your body into a 24/7 fat burning state so that you're even striping off fat while sleep and waking up full of energy to looser fitting jeans almost daily.
  • The 2 secret metabolism boosting windows you have every day and what to eat during them to force fat loss and ensure you're turning heads in just days instead of weeks.
  • The 11 foods to NEVER eat. Some of these foods you may think are healthy but are actually making you gain weight. Just avoiding these 11 foods cuts weight fast.
  • The exact amount of the 1 vital nutrient almost everyone messes up that kills your ability to burn fat. Get this right and you'll accelerate your metabolism into overdrive.
  • Absolutely nothing is left to chance with this system

What results can you expect by following this system?

Well, if you follow this system you'll lose weight....And when I say weight I don't mean water weight or muscle, but pure fat.

Customized Fat Loss is not a restrictive fad or crash diet that leaves you hungry, damages your metabolism and ultimately fails and frustrates you time and again.

Surprisingly, Customized Fat Loss has you eating loads of delicious and flavorful foods that keep you full, ignite your metabolism, crank up your energy and ensure healthy, natural fat loss.

This anti-diet so to speak was made for you no matter where you're starting from, no matter what generic approach has failed you in the past or how much fat you have to lose.

I bet you're wondering what the price for this ground breaking system is. Well we'll get to that in just a second.

But first, ask yourself, what would you invest to just lose 10, 12, or 15 pounds of the flabby, unsightly, unhealthy fat from your body?

What would the head turns, double takes, and compliments you'll receive from having your new lean, attractive body be worth to you?

What would it be worth to achieve your physique goals and all of life's benefits and perks that naturally follow?

Rest assured, it will be far less than you're thinking.

To put things in perspective;

To receive this kind of professional, personalized and custom attention to your nutrition plan from a top-notch qualified nutritionist there is an upfront fee of 5 thousand dollars minimum.

You're not going to pay anywhere near $5000.00 You're not even going to pay near half of that.

I want to get this life changing system into as many hands as possible before it becomes unaffordable.

That's why if you act today you can take advantage of this limited time offer and start your transformation today for a one-time ridiculously discounted secure payment of only

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Order today, and not only will you own this system at 1/12 the real value but for a very limited time I will include the final pieces of your fat loss puzzle and throw in these 4 must have fat blasting bonuses to make this offer an absolute no brainer:


If you want to accelerate and enhance your fat loss even further, this extremely simple, customized exercise program guarantees to do just that…….And more!

Save yourself time, energy, money and disappointment on things like exercise gizmos, or demanding and difficult programs that you don't like and don't work.

Research shows a professionally customized exercise program for your body type burns 3x more fat than generic programs and is twice as enjoyable!

This step by step 12 week program will:

  • Maximize your fat loss using quick, simple and easy exercises you'll love even if you've never worked out before!
  • Rev up your metabolism as your body releases up to 2.5 X more natural fat burning hormones than ever before.
  • Define, strengthen and tone your muscles even in your flabbiest areas while melting off maximum fat from these same places!

"Are you mistakenly taking so called "fat burners" that are actually KILLING your fat loss?"

In this straight talking E-Guide you will discover:

  • The supplements you should avoid like the plague and why they might be making it harder for you to lose weight.
  • The four supplements the pros use for further fat loss, the long standing proof behind them, and how they work together to assassinate fat.
  • How to save cash and get the most bang for your buck when buying supplements. Stop paying 1000% mark-ups. I will show you how inside.

Customized Fat Loss Unlimited Upgrades

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Also, for a very limited time, I will be including a special program that can produce absolute "mirror magic" for your body inside of a week.

Peak In A Week

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In this cutting edge nutrition and training system you will discover:

  • The skin tightening, water manipulation technique that will bring you a dry, tight, and toned look that immediately turns heads in your bathing suit.
  • A closely guarded ab-popping technique used by professional fitness models to appear more ripped and shredded than you really are.
  • When and how to strategically use certain carbohydrates to literally look like your stomach, butt and thighs have zero skin or fat to pinch and are all lean muscle.
  • The key muscle training chiseling methods that will create mirror magic when you wake up day 7.

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Remember, what you've been doing up until now has not worked, but now you know why. This will work. I promise. You have come to choose between 2 very clear paths.

The path you're on will continue to leave you frustrated week after week doing all of the unproven things you know don't work.

You're in very real danger of letting the best years of your life fly by without ever experiencing the lean body, genuine compliments and self-respect you deserve and can have.

Or you can choose the other path. The path of change.

This path represents your decision to take control of your life and will prove to yourself, family and friends you will take what you deserve. You will achieve what you can, and you will finally be free of this body fat burden you've been suffering with.

The old you will become a ghost of the past, and where going it cannot follow.

Right away you'll start getting genuine compliments about your new lean, lighter body.

You'll finally be confident about wearing form fitting clothes because you look hot in them. You can't wait to wear a bathing suit instead of dreading it.

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But everything starts with your decision to make that change today.

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Seize this opportunity now.

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